Important Information


 School Hours

Our school day begins promptly at 7:45 am.; children are dismissed at 2:45 pm. Thank you for seeing that your children arrive on time and are ready to learn.


Absence Policy

Good attendance in school is critical for your child's success. Good attendance is also key to all of us because school funding depends on it. Please see that your child attends school every day and arrives on time, provided they are in good health. If your child is absent from school, you need to send a note to the teacher explaining the absence, on the day your child returns. If your child is sick, please do not send them to school. Consult the CPS attendance policy for questions and requirements.


Self Administration of Medicine

State law, allows students to self administer asthma and epinephrine medications. All other medication requires adult administration and secure storage. If your child has prescribed medicines, including asthma inhalers, please consult with our school nurse to complete required paperwork and to have your questions answered.


Gary Visitors

All visitors to need to come to the main office located on the first floor of the main building. All parents or outside visitors must sign in at the main office and receive authorization to enter the rest of the building. Parents/visitors must enter through the north entrance door. We realize this may be an inconvenience to walk around from the parking lot: these procedures are in place to assure the security of the building and the safety of your children. If you want to see a teacher, you will need to schedule an appointment. The best way to do this is to send a note with your child, requesting the teacher call you to set up an appointment. Thank you for cooperating.


Student Code of Conduct:

When students engage in inappropriate conduct, they will have progressive disciplinary consequences as detailed in the Student Code of Conduct. In such cases, a misconduct report is prepared and a copy of this report is provided to the parent/guardian. Consequences range from a student-parent conference to suspension and/or expulsion. A copy of the Student Code of Conduct is sent home at the beginning of the school year. Please make sure to review this with your child.


Cell Phones/Portable Electronic Devices




Students are to drop off Cell Phones in the main office as they arrive and are to pick up their cell phones at dismissal time.



Uniform Policy

Students are required to wear white collared shirts and navy blue pants (this does not include dark blue jeans, jeggins or tight fitting pants).


Students may only wear any shirts affiliated with Gary sports, clubs or activities on designated days. During physical education class, students may also wear gym shoes and are encouraged to wear athletic clothing – blue bottoms and white tops.


Students who fail to adhere to the Gary uniform policy may be asked to wear available uniforms at the school and be subject to the loss of extracurricular activities.


In order to promote and maintain a safe and positive learning environment that will not disrupt the educational process for students, the following clothing will not be allowed:


 1) Any clothing that exposes undergarments, midsections, backs or upper legs. Including but not limited to:

     a. Transparent blouses,

     b. Tight shirts,

     c. Tank tops,

     d. Spaghetti straps,

     e. Halter tops,

     f. Blouses with low necklines,

     g. Pants that “sag” below hips

     h. Pants with holes cut or torn into them

     i. Pajama type clothing

     j. Shorts and skirts that are not as long as a student’s finger tips when arms are hung down on sides


2) Any clothing that may constitute a safety hazard. Including but not limited to:

     a. Bedroom slippers and / or sandals that expose feet

     b. Pants dangerously baggy or long

     c. Clothing or jewelry that may be used to harm another person


3) Any clothing or particular style of wearing clothing associated with gangs. Including but not limited to:

     a. Hats

     b. Hooded tops

     c. Clothing with gang associated symbols, writing, or color combinations

     d. Rubber bands or scarves wrapped around the pants leg

     e. Shoes and / or shoelaces with color combinations associated with gangs

     f. Any outerwear (sweaters, jackets, etc.) of any color other than navy blue or white


4) Seriously disruptive clothing. Including but not limited to:

     a. Clothes with obscene pictures or language

     b. Clothing that incites racial hatred or violence

     c. Clothing encouraging illegal activity

     d. Clothing advertising alcohol, drugs or tobacco



Notice of Sex Offender Registry

State law requires that we notify parents of the Sex Offender Registry website. This site address is