Gifted Scholars


 Joseph E. Gary is committed to the optimum development of each student including those with gifted needs, via providing continuous improvement and increased communication. The Comprehensive Gifted and Talented Program focus is on both the academic and emotional needs of the students.


The program provides appropriately challenging learning experiences that emphasize content from the four core academic areas, develop talents in multiple areas, and provide enrichment services.


All teachers that teach in the gifted program are highly qualified to teach their content area. In addition, these teachers have been specially trained in gifted education and have a desire to work with gifted and talented students.



3rd Grade: Mrs. Rentz

4th Grade: Mrs. Shehadeh

5th Grade: Ms. Deveros

6th Grade: Mrs. Courtright

7th Grade: Ms. Henderson

8th Grade: Mr. Chen


The following criteria are used as part of the identification and selection process:

• DIBELS (students in grades K-2) or ISAT (students in grades 3-8)

• NWEA Reading and Math

• Grade Point Averages

• Teacher recommendation based on characteristics indicative of gifted and talented children