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Street Parking/ Estacionamiento

We are asking for everyone’s cooperation in regards to the safety of our students.  Please keep in mind that it is illegal to park around the sides of the school, it is illegal to double park and it is illegal to park in the designated area for the bus pick up/drop off (30th between the Annex and New Building).  Please keep in mind that children are crossing the streets and running between parked cars, which poses a huge safety risk for all.  In addition, due to the congestion of double parked cars, it creates a very difficult situation for our staff trying to get into the parking lot.  Please note that parents cannot drive into the parking lot to wait for students.  Police will be called and tickets will be issued if parked illegally.


Estamos pidiendo la colaboración de todos en respecto a la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes.  Por favor, tenga en cuenta que es illegal estacionarse en los lados alrededor de la escuela, es illegal estacionarse en doble fila y es illegal estacionarse en el area designada para la recogida del autobus (30 entre el Anexo y el edificio Nuevo).  Tenga en cuenta que los niños cruzan las calles y corren entre los autos estacionados, lo que representa un gran riesgo de seguridad para todos.  Además, debido a la congestión de autos estacionados en doble fila, crea una situación muy dificl para nuestro personal que intenta ingresar al estacionamiento.  Tenga en cuenta que los padres no pueden conducir en el estacionamiento para esperar a los estudiantes.  La policia sera llamada y darán multas si conductores no siguen las reglas.


Girls Basketball Practice is Canceled 11/26

There will be no practice for the Girl's 7/8th grade basketball team today.


Congratulations Boys!!

We would like to congratulate the Boy's 7/8th grade soccer team for earning 2nd place in the CPS City Tournament. The boys played an excruciating game against Marine Leadership Academy who took first place. This was their third game of the day with only 30 minutes rest. Gary defeated Albany Park in their first match with a score of 8-1. In their second game, Gary took the victory by 1 goal in a 4-3 final score against Tarkington.


School will close at 3:45 pm  10/31

All after school activities will dismiss at 3:45 pm. The building will be closed at this time as well.

Happy Halloween!


Soccer Practice Canceled 10/10

Due to the inclement weather there will be no practice today.


Folkloric and Latin Dance Group Registration

Any 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade student interested in joining our Latin or Folkloric dance groups must register with Mr. Cote by Monday Oct. 15th. If you need a registration form or have any questions reach out to Mr. Cote.